medical endoscopy

Technology Modules

EXCELLENCE INSIDE is High-End Engineering made by SCHÖLLY.

SCHÖLLY is a professional partner for OEMs when it comes to developing customized visualization systems with state-of-the-art technology and innovative product features. Production, service, and regulatory compliance are included in our package for OEM customers. With a local presence around the world, we can provide expert contacts who will support you with complex legislation and country-specific authorization requirements. If you also consider our technical capabilities, we offer a unique advantage at SCHÖLLY. While our customers bring local market knowledge, we can supply a wide range of technology and take care of the realization into marketable products.


HD image quality is available for almost all endoscopic applications, whether based on 2D or 3D technology. As a driving force in the transition from 2D to 3D visualization, we also continue to make advances in the further development of 2D visualization systems by bringing together the objective lens, chip, and light.

Flexible Endoscopes

Our flexible endoscopes have a range of innovative features, including controllable multi-way tip deflection, working channel, integrated light source in handle, patented deep-view technology or 2D or 3D chip-in-tip systems to name just a few.

2D and 3D Chip-in-Tip Systems

Increasingly smaller image sensors are making it possible for the endoscope and camera to be incorporated into a single unit. As a result, our developers are able to explore new product ideas that, due to technical constraints, would have been inconceivable before now.

Disposable Endoscopy Accessories

For many clinical disciplines, the combination of reusable visualization systems with single-use accessories is an attractive option. If we find that a disposable solution will bring added value to your product, we will prepare a detailed concept for you.

Microlenses and Lens Assemblies

We develop, manufacture, and coat lenses from 0.25 mm and assemble complex objective lenses and mechatronic assem- blies. The objective lenses are first optically calculated and simulated. During assembly, we adjust the lenses and image sensors on the basis of up to six axes to ensure optimum precision.

Micro-Endoscopes ans Micromechanics

For special applications, we offer micro-endoscopes starting at a diameter of 0.35 mm; autoclavable models are available from a diameter of 1.0 mm. Almost all of the micromechanics-related working and processing activities are completed in-house, meaning that we are able to offer new visualization approaches via the smallest natural orifices, such as the tear duct for example.


Open, integrated interfaces permit the logical and efficient integration of devices into existing operating room procedures. This allows operating room processes to be perfectly coordinated with one another and increases user and patient safety. We prepare your products for optimum integration.

Video Processing and Algorithms

We can use our internally developed camera-board platform to design special, innovative video algorithms for your visualization project. Application examples include: selective wavelength illumination, UV-Vis-IR imaging or image rotation in full HD quality.



Camera Platform

The SCHÖLLY-developed camera platform is modular in design. The underlying and platform technologies provide the foundation on which potential product variants with specific features can be attached. The new camera systems are flexible and future-oriented, offering multi-connectivity that opens up a host of possibilities.

Light Sources and Fiberoptics

Whether integrated or installed in a separate light/camera unit, we determine the correct positioning, lighting technology, and wavelength for every application, not to mention the optimum thermal management to guarantee optimum illumination at even the smallest diameters.


Straightforward, comfortable handling not only facilitates use of the devices, it also increases the feel-good factor of the user. That is why we test the ergonomics and functionality of every rapid prototyping design model. We also have an in-house OR that we use for various tests.